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GENUINE TOYOTA ALPHARD HYBRID 5W30 OIL & OIL FILTER KITBRAND NEW GENUINE INTERMEDIATE SERVICE PARTSSAVE LOTS OF  £££ ON SERVICING COSTOEM PART NUMBERS 90915-YZZJ2, 08880-80845, 90080-43037All Genuine Parts are sourced from TOYOTA GB, Toyota Genuine Parts are the same quality as the parts fitted to the vehicles when built.This means they are going to be correct for your vehicle and they will also fit correctly first time without any modifications. Wrong Parts ordered without providing the vehicle information will incur deduction of P&P when returned for refund. Please leave your Car Registration or VIN Number at time of checkout in “MESSAGE TO SELLER”.!!! WHY USE AFTERMARKET PARTS WHEN YOU CAN BUY GENUINE FOR CHEAPER, PEOPLE OFTEN RELY ON GARAGES AND END UP PAYING MORE THAN £200 FOR SERVICING COST WITH NON GENUINE PARTS WHICH CAN HAVE NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR ENGINE PERFORMANCE & FUEL ECONOMY, ALWAYS USE GENUINE TOYOTA PARTS FOR YOUR CAR SO THAT YOUR TOYOTA CAR RELIABILITY IS NOT COMPROMISED !!!SERVICE KIT INCLUDES:5 LITRES 5W30 OILOIL FILTERSUMP PLUG WASHERCOMPATIBLE VEHICLE LIST:TOYOTA ALPHARD ANH10 & ANH15 2.4L 2AZFE 2002 TO 2008TOYOTA ALPHARD HYBRID ATH10 2.4L 2AZFXE 2003 TO 2008TOYOTA ALPHARD ANH20 & ANH25 2.4L 2AZFE 2008 TO 2015TOYOTA ALPHARD HYBRID ATH20 2.4L 2AZFXE 2008 TO 2015TOYOTA AVENSIS AZT250 2.0L 1AZFE 2003 TO 2008TOYOTA AVENSIS AZT251 2.4L 2AZFSE 2003 TO 2008TOYOTA AVENSIS AZT220 2.0L 1AZFSE 2000 TO 2003TOYOTA AVENSIS VERSO ACM20 2.0L 1AZFE 2001 TO 2009TOYOTA AVENSIS VERSO ACM21 2.4L 2AZFE 2001 TO 2009TOYOTA CAMRY ACV30 2.4L 2AZFE 2001 TO 2006TOYOTA CAMRY ACV31 2.0L 1AZFE 2001 TO 2006TOYOTA CAMRY ACV40 2.4L 2AZFE 2006 TO 2011TOYOTA CAMRY ACV51 2.0L 1AZFE 2014 TO 2014TOYOTA CELICA RA40 2.0L 18R 1977 TO 1981TOYOTA CELICA ST205 2.0L 3SGTE 1973 TO 1999TOYOTA CELICA ZZT231 1.8L 2ZZGE 1999 TO 2005TOYOTA COROLLA ZZE123 1.8L 2ZZGE 2001 TO 2007TOYOTA ESTIMA ACR30 2.4L 2AZFE 2000 TO 2006TOYOTA ESTIMA HYBRID AHR10 2.4L 2AZFXE 2000 TO 2006TOYOTA ESTIMA ACR50 2.4L 2AZFE 2006 TO 2016TOYOTA ESTIMA HYBRID AHR20 2.4L 2AZFXE 2006 TO 2016TOYOTA HILUX YN67 2.2L 4Y 1983 TO 1998TOYOTA MR2 AW11 1.6L 4AGEL 1984 TO 1989TOYOTA MR2 SW20 2.0L 3SGTE 1990 TO 1995TOYOTA PREVIA ACR30 2.4L 2AZFE 2000 TO 2006TOYOTA PREVIA ACR50 2.4L 2AZFE 2006 TO 2016TOYOTA RAV4 ACA21 & ACA26 2.0L 1AZFE 2000 TO 2005TOYOTA RAV4 ACA23 & ACA28 2.4L 2AZFE 2000 TO 2005TOYOTA RAV4 ACA30 2.0L 1AZFE 2005 TO 2012Disclaimer:Every care has been taken and Multiple sources have been used in compiling the compatibility list, models mentioned above should be double checked against the vehicle owner’s manual book for correct engine oil and the capacity for oil change. Wrong Oil can  cause serious damage to your car engine. Waste engine oil is hazardous, disposing of waste engine oil is your responsibility and a step towards the protection of our environment. You can dispose of the waste engine oil at your local recycling centre.DELIVERY & CUSTOM CHARGES: Please see our terms and conditions for extra charges and expected delivery dates before making a purchase. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS are responsible for Custom Charges, International orders will only be processed once a customer sends us the car Chassis number and confirm that he or she is happy to pay the custom & brokerage charges otherwise order will be cancelled.(VAT will be collected separately by eBay for European customers at point of sale)




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