Genuine Toyota Noah Front Shock Absorbers 2004 To 2007 Right & Left Side Voxy

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GENUINE TOYOTA NOAH FRONT SHOCK ABSORBERS SETBRAND NEW GENUINE FRONT SHOCK ABSORBEROEM PART NUMBER 48510-80180 & 48520-29875Please leave your Car Registration or VIN Number in “MESSAGE TO SELLER” at time of checkout so that we can check fitment, we will not process the order without car detailsCOMPATIBLE VEHICLE LIST:TOYOTA NOAH/VOXY AZR60 2004 TO 2007TOYOTA NOAH/VOXY AZR65 2004 TO 2007All Genuine Parts are sourced from TOYOTA GB, Toyota Genuine Parts are the same quality as the parts fitted to the vehicles when built.This means they are going to be correct for your vehicle and they will also fit correctly first time without any modifications. Wrong Parts ordered without providing the vehicle information will incur deduction of P&P when returned for refund.DELIVERY & CUSTOM CHARGES: Please see our terms and conditions for extra charges and expected delivery dates before making a purchase. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS are responsible for Custom Charges, International orders will only be processed once a customer sends us the car Chassis number and confirm that he or she is happy to pay the custom & brokerage charges otherwise order will be cancelled.(VAT will be collected separately by eBay for European customers at point of sale)


Weight5.00 kg
Dimensions40 × 20 × 20 cm


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Item Compatibility List

Car MakeModelCars YearVariantBodyStyleCars TypeEngine Notes
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2004Petrol MPVAWD -- _R6_2.0 4WD1998cc 112KW 152HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2004Petrol MPVAWD -- _R6_2.0 4WD1998cc 114KW 155HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2004Petrol MPVFWD -- _R6_2.01998cc 112KW 152HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2004Petrol MPVFWD -- _R6_2.01998cc 114KW 155HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2005Petrol MPVAWD -- _R6_2.0 4WD1998cc 112KW 152HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2005Petrol MPVAWD -- _R6_2.0 4WD1998cc 114KW 155HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2005Petrol MPVFWD -- _R6_2.01998cc 112KW 152HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2005Petrol MPVFWD -- _R6_2.01998cc 114KW 155HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2006Petrol MPVAWD -- _R6_2.0 4WD1998cc 112KW 152HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2006Petrol MPVAWD -- _R6_2.0 4WD1998cc 114KW 155HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2006Petrol MPVFWD -- _R6_2.01998cc 112KW 152HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2006Petrol MPVFWD -- _R6_2.01998cc 114KW 155HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2007Petrol MPVAWD -- _R6_2.0 4WD1998cc 112KW 152HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2007Petrol MPVAWD -- _R6_2.0 4WD1998cc 114KW 155HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2007Petrol MPVFWD -- _R6_2.01998cc 112KW 152HP 1AZ-FSE
ToyotaNoah/Voxy2007Petrol MPVFWD -- _R6_2.01998cc 114KW 155HP 1AZ-FSE